Alternative to Google Optimize, which AB testing solution to choose?

You have certainly already heard about it, Google has announced the “sunset” of its AB testing solution, Google Optimize, for September 30, 2023. The countdown is on, only a few days left before having to definitively put aside this tool. But given the multiple existing platforms, how do you choose the ideal one for your use? The choice is not made with a wet finger, and today we are going to help you select the right solution!

1° – The criteria to consider

Choosing a good AB testing tool is crucial to guarantee successful experiments and reliable results. Before rushing towards any publisher, here are some criteria to consider to help you make the right decision:

Ease of use : If you are not yet an expert, opt for a tool that does not require advanced technical skills, equipped with a visual editor. An intuitive interface will allow you to create and manage your tests more easily. Or on the contrary, choose a solution with a code editor to modify your pages using CSS or JavaScript.

  • Segmentation and targeting : Make sure that the tool allows you to target specific segments of your audience, seo services for ecommerce to use CRM and audience analytics data or to manage navigation criteria. Also check that it supports cross-platform testing on all media, including mobile.

Integrations : Check if the solution can be integrated with your other website tracking and analytics or campaign management systems and tools, such as Google Analytics. Very useful for accurately analyzing your performance indicators.

Security and confidentiality : Make sure your test data is secure and that the tool complies with current confidentiality standards, particularly with regard to GDPR.

Technical support : Good technical support can be essential for quickly resolving problems and answering questions. Check this criterion according to the autonomy you have with the chosen platform.

Detailed reporting : Clear, detailed reporting is essential for understanding your test performance and results. The tool must provide solid statistical analyzes to correctly interpret the results and, depending on your need, the possibility of exporting raw data.

Costs : AB testing tools can vary in terms of costs: from free for limited functionalities to several thousand euros per month depending on the audience volume. Make sure the cost matches the added value you expect from the solution.

Scalability : If your business grows, the tool must be able to handle larger volumes of data and more complex needs. book marketing services Depending on your development, the platform can manage in addition to AB tests on the client side, personalization or even AB tests on the server side.

As you will have understood, there are many criteria and it is not necessarily easy to select the right tool. At Yumens, our teams use these platforms on a daily basis and can support you in choosing the solution. Now let’s look at some of them that meet the expectations of an AB testing platform.

2° – The best AB testing solutions

Among the best tools on the market, several may be suitable for implementing an AB testing strategy.


To begin, let’s look at one of the more complete alternatives to Google Optimize: Kameleoon . This French A/B testing editor is quite simple to use and offers tailor-made packages according to the needs of each company. Beyond client-side A/B/n testing, Kameleoon offers a complete personalization solution powered by artificial intelligence. The tool provides you with more than 45 native segmentation criteria to better target users through highly personalized experiences. All features are centralized and managed from a single dashboard, providing the ability to optimize engagement and conversion rates efficiently. 

It proves to be an ideal choice for mid-to-large businesses as well as teams seriously invested in optimization, data protection, and scaling. Yumens is a Kameleoon partner and CRO experts use this solution on a daily basis to optimize performance and improve the user experience on websites.


This is of course not the only tool allowing you to set up customizations and server-side tests, all with more enriched feature management. This is also the case for AB Tasty . The latter also being made in France, it offers an intuitive editor, the possibility of segmenting audiences and also integrates with more than 80 other tools. On the statistics side, the platform generates reports in real time, and also offers the possibility of recording browsing sessions. The tool offers advanced targeting features to experiment with various criteria such as URL, geolocation, and many more. You can modify the HTML and CSS code and implement JS. Their customer service is responsive and competent. 


One of the most popular alternative solutions to Optimize currently is VWO , the solution does not require specific technical skills to be used. It includes many features in the creation of test types, an easy-to-use visual editor, a code editor as well as a data analysis section with customizable reports. The tool can integrate with web analysis platforms and also provides access to features such as heatmaps directly in the application. The icing on the cake is that VWO has a freemium version.


Another solution from the United Kingdom, Convertize , also meets the criteria of simplicity and accessibility. Available in French, this editor offers the possibility of testing without technical intervention. Complex tasks, such as managing traffic distribution and test duration, are automated. In addition, “expert” support is accessible directly within the application.

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