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Are you ready to take your triceps game to the next level? If so, then it’s time to introduce yourself to the skull crusher exercise! Don’t worry, this isn’t some gruesome workout involving actual skulls (phew!). Instead, skull crushers refer to a killer triceps exercise that can help you sculpt those arms into pure works of art. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about skull crushers – from how to perform them correctly, their incredible benefits for your triceps, and even how often you should include them in your workout routine. So grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s get ready to build insane triceps with skull crushers!

What are skull crushers?

Skull crushers may sound intimidating, but they are actually a fantastic exercise for targeting the triceps muscles. Also known as lying tricep extensions, skull crushers involve positioning yourself on a bench or the floor while holding a dumbbell or barbell above your forehead. As you lower the weight towards your head by bending at the elbows, you’ll feel an intense stretch in your triceps.

One of the great things about skull crushers is that they engage all three heads of the triceps – medial, lateral, and long heads. This means you’ll be hitting every angle of this muscle group to ensure maximum growth and definition. Plus, since skull crushers are a compound movement, they also recruit supporting muscles like the shoulders and chest.

When performing skull crushers, it’s crucial to maintain proper form to avoid injury. Keep your elbows tucked in and stationary throughout the movement to really isolate those triceps. It’s also important not to rush through each rep; instead focus on controlled movements to fully activate those muscles.

Whether you’re new to strength training or an experienced lifter looking for variety in your routine, incorporating skull crushers can help take your arm gains up several notches! So grab some weights and get ready to challenge those triceps like never before!

How to do skull crushers

Skull crushers, also known as lying triceps extensions, are a great exercise for targeting and building the muscles in your triceps. To do skull crushers, you will need a barbell or dumbbells and a bench. Here’s how to perform this exercise correctly:

1. Lie down on a flat bench with your feet planted firmly on the ground.
2. Hold the barbell or dumbbells with an overhand grip, palms facing towards your feet.
3. Extend your arms straight up above your chest, keeping them shoulder-width apart.
4. Slowly lower the weight towards your forehead by bending at the elbows.
5. Pause briefly when the weight is just above your forehead.
6. Push back up to starting position by extending at the elbows.

Remember to keep your core engaged throughout the movement and maintain proper form to avoid any strain or injury.

By incorporating skull crushers into your workout routine, you can effectively isolate and strengthen your tricep muscles for improved arm strength and definition over time! So grab those weights and get ready to feel that burn!

Benefits of doing skull crushers

Benefits of Doing Skull Crushers

If you’re looking to build insane triceps, then incorporating skull crushers into your workout routine is a must. These exercises specifically target the triceps muscles, helping you achieve those killer arms you’ve always wanted. But what exactly are the benefits of doing skull crushers?

First and foremost, skull crushers are incredibly effective at isolating the triceps. Unlike other compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups, these movements really zone in on your triceps, allowing for maximum development and growth.

In addition to targeting the triceps directly, skull crushers also help improve overall arm strength. By consistently challenging your muscles with this exercise, you’ll see noticeable gains in both size and strength over time.

Furthermore, incorporating skull crushers into your routine can lead to improved upper body stability. As these exercises require controlled movements and proper form, they engage not only the targeted muscles but also activate supporting muscle groups like the shoulders and core.

Another benefit of doing skull crushers is their versatility. Whether using dumbbells or an EZ barbell, there are various ways to perform this exercise to cater to different fitness levels and preferences.

Including skull crusher variations in your workouts can help prevent imbalances between opposing muscle groups. Strengthening and developing the triceps helps provide balance to the bicep muscles for a well-rounded physique.

In conclusion

Skull crushers offer numerous benefits when it comes to building insane triceps. They effectively isolate and target the triceps while improving overall arm strength and stability. With their versatility and ability to prevent imbalances between muscle groups, incorporating skull crusher variations into your routine will undoubtedly contribute towards achieving those killer arms you desire!

How often should you do skull crushers?

How often should you do skull crushers? This is a common question among fitness enthusiasts looking to build insane triceps. The frequency of your skull crusher workouts will depend on various factors, including your fitness level, goals, and recovery ability.

If you’re just starting out or have been away from the gym for a while, it’s important to ease into any new exercise routine. Begin by doing skull crushers once or twice a week with light to moderate weight. Give yourself at least 48 hours between sessions to allow for proper muscle recovery.

As you become more comfortable and stronger with the movement, gradually increase the frequency of your skull crusher workouts. Aim for two to three times per week, but always listen to your body and adjust accordingly. If you find that your triceps are feeling excessively sore or fatigued, it may be a sign that you need more rest days in between sessions.

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to building strength and muscle. It’s better to perform skull crushers consistently over time rather than pushing yourself too hard too soon and risking injury or burnout.

In addition to considering how often you do skull crushers, also pay attention to other exercises targeting the triceps in your workout routine. Incorporate a variety of movements such as dips, close-grip bench presses, and pushdowns for optimal tricep development.

Ultimately , finding the right frequency for your skull crusher workouts will require some experimentation and listening closely to what works best for your body. Remember that everyone’s fitness journey is unique , so don’t compare yourself with others . Stay consistent , stay focused , and most importantly listen carefully!

What muscles do skull crushers work?

When it comes to building stronger and more defined triceps, skull crushers are an exercise that you shouldn’t overlook. While the name might sound a bit intimidating, this exercise is actually quite effective in targeting the muscles of your upper arms.

Skull crushers primarily target the triceps brachii muscle, which is located on the backside of your upper arm. This muscle plays a key role in extending and straightening your elbow joint. By performing skull crushers regularly, you can effectively isolate and strengthen this specific muscle group.

In addition to working your triceps brachii, skull crushers also engage other muscles in your arms and shoulders. The anterior deltoids (front shoulder muscles) and the long head of the biceps brachii are both activated during this exercise as they assist in stabilizing your elbows.

It’s important to maintain proper form when doing skull crushers to ensure maximum activation of these muscles. Make sure to keep your elbows tucked in close to your body throughout the movement and focus on using controlled motions rather than swinging or jerking.

By incorporating skull crushers into your workout routine, you can effectively target and strengthen multiple muscles in your arms while working towards those insane triceps you’ve always wanted! So grab those dumbbells or an EZ-bar and get ready for some serious gains!



Incorporating skull crushers into your triceps workout routine can be a game-changer when it comes to building insane triceps. These exercises target the long head of the triceps, helping you develop strength and size in this muscle group.

To get started with skull crushers, follow these steps:

1. Lie flat on a bench or mat with a dumbbell or barbell held above your chest.
2. Lower the weight slowly towards your forehead by bending at the elbows, keeping them tucked in close to your body.
3. Extend your arms back up to the starting position without locking out your elbows.

By performing skull crushers regularly and incorporating progressive overload, you can expect to see significant improvements in both strength and muscle definition in your triceps.

The benefits of doing skull crushers are numerous. Not only will they help you build strong and toned triceps, but they also engage other muscles such as the shoulders and chest for added stability during the exercise.

It is recommended to include skull crushers in your upper body workouts 1-2 times per week, allowing adequate rest between sessions for optimal recovery and growth.

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to achieving results from any exercise routine. Gradually increase weight or repetitions over time to challenge yourself further and keep those gains coming!

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate skull crushers into your training regimen today, and watch as those triceps become bigger, stronger, and more defined than ever before!

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